27 - 28 February 2018

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Convince Your Boss

Need help getting approval to attend? We appreciate that time out of the office can be difficult to justify, especially with the constant pressures of return on investment and time. This is why we have put together this short letter for you to use in your internal decision-making process, if needed. Hope it's... Read More

Fast Track Your Attendance

Fast Track Your Attendance

Download the registration form for more information on pricing and special discounts. Plus, if you're ready to register, just fill out the form and email it... Read More

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Managing Financial Compliance Risks in the Age of Digital Transformation

The Age of Digital Transformation has fundamentally changed the international finance industry forever by allowing truly monumental amounts of data to be exchanged all around the world on a daily basis. In this article, we will provide insight into:Risks of non-compliance or compliance failure Key strategies to manage compliance correctly Case... Read More

The Push for Standardising Regulatory Compliance Implementation

This is an article about the challenges faced by financial institutions in complying with diverse regulatory requirements across borders and multiple jurisdictions, and the strategies/solutions they are adopting.The four key compliance themes for financial companies to consider in 2017Leading strategies and solutions to achieve complete regulatory... Read More

Rethinking enterprise risk management

In the first of a new educational series looking at practical ideas on how to approach and manage a variety of risks, Andrew Koh outlines why using an ERM approach is crucial for business success. Download the article to read the full content... Read More

Uncovering the Impact of Indonesia Tax Amnesty on Tax Compliance in Singapore

The article discusses the degree and level of impact that Indonesia Tax Amnesty program has on the tax compliance in Singapore. It provides insight into:Singapore’s position in Indonesian wealth managementSTRs filed on Indonesian Tax Amnesty participantsLong-term impact for Singaporean tax... Read More